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Criminal Litigation

Drug Offences- Kidnapping- Human Trafficking-Terrorism- POCA

Criminal Advisory work- Firearms- Immigration- SOSMA- POTA

Blue Collar Crimes- Statutory Offences- Maritime & Piracy 

Preventive Laws- General Crime

Commercial Crime

Anti Money Laundering- Corruption- White Collar Crimes

Fraud- MACC- Securities Money Markets- AMLA

Unlawful Dismissal

Government Servant Dismissal- Police Dismissal 

Unfair Removal from job & loss of pay

Negligence Claims

Accident Claims- Medical Negligence- General Negligence Claims

Civil Negligence Claims- Tort Claims- Personal Injury


Corporate Law

Contract law- Business law- Bankruptcy


Trust- Wills -Probates- Sales and Purchase agreement

Property transfer- Estate & Property Management- Inheritance 

Land Law

Land and property Disputes- Private Property Dispute

Commercial and Corporate Land Dispute- Estate Management

Sale and Purchase of Property- Mortgages

Family Law

Divorce- Family disputes

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